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Certified instructor of "Insight Timer", a community app with various contents such as relaxation, meditation, yoga, and sleep.We deliver various meditation sounds.

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A gate that accelerates the realization of matter

Summer solstice realization workshop will be held

Consistency connects with "unmistakable me"

Everything is aware of you now

Reasons why reincarnation exists but does not exist

Adventure (adventure and adventurous spirit) is the secret to connecting with your true self.Adventure is curiosity, drastic action, and an exciting experience.When a small child finds a puddle, he shines his eyes and enters. […]

I explained the outline of the astral traveler training course with a video.The Astral Traveler Training Course is a semi-private lesson that ultimately allows you to experience out-of-body experience (astral projection).Out of body […]

The collective consciousness distorts the truth and creates false truth.The collective consciousness is a framework created by the way of thinking of humankind.We belong to various groups such as culture, family, region, company, religion, tradition, country, etc., and we live every day.Set […]

There is a phrase "grow the soul" in spiritual concepts. Since the word "soul" has various ideas and cultural backgrounds, it is honestly difficult to narrow down to one definition, so maybe the concept of "grow" is appropriate depending on the definition [...]

What I want, what I want to do, and the desire of my heart to be like this.Action is essential to realize these desires of the heart in this world.Just knowing the information and knowledge that makes the desires of the heart a reality will not make it a reality […]

Our thoughts are projected onto reality, and space-time is created. If you have the feeling that you don't want to do it, then XX will become a reality.For example, if you don't want to catch a cold, the cold will become a reality. "I was warned by that person [...]