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Insight Timer

Certified instructor of "Insight Timer", a community app with various contents such as relaxation, meditation, yoga, and sleep.We deliver various meditation sounds.

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Inevitable events are "events you want to experience"

Realization happens in your original way

Knowing two types of "give up" dramatically accelerates reality

Winter Solstice Realization Workshop: 20th Anniversary Free Event

How to avoid rebound

There are many mysteries and doubts in this world, and it can be said that it is a journey to solve and understand them through experience.First, solve the mystery "Who am I?", Then encounter the mystery "What am I?", And then the mysteries and questions that arise from it [...]

Life is like a journey, through which we can meet our true self.By traveling, I encounter new things such as various scenery, culture, gourmet, design, etc., which is a great stimulus and an experience that transcends the boundaries of myself and ego. […]

We all live in this world to experience ourselves. In a spiritual world where stories and information such as "You are born to help that person under the influence of the past life" or "This world aims to save that person" […]

What you can do immediately to realize joy, joy, and excitement.It's about wrapping up, recognizing the joy of the outside.From an essential point of view, all the events that we witness in reality can be said to resonate with the essence within us. […]

Frustration that occurs in everyday life.There are various causes of frustration.External stimuli such as work relationships, social issues, childcare, and relationships with parents can be frustrating.However, it is our d […] that is actually frustrating.

With the development of media and SNS, the amount of information is increasing year by year.Information that incites sadness and anger is also increasing, and if you react to that information, you will participate in the information and it will be easily hurt.Being swayed by information creates your own path […]